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Frequently Asked Questions


What times of day do you walk dogs and make home visits?

Our cat/small furry friends home visits are either 8am-10am or 4pm-6pm.
Our 1 hour dog walks are 9:30am, 12 noon and 3pm.
Our 30 minute dog walks and dog home visits are 11am or 2pm.


Will you come and meet us first?

Yes, once we have had a chat either by telephone or email, we will arrange a suitable time to come and meet with you. There we can go through what service suits you best, questions about your pet and home so that we can carry out the service efficiently and effectively.

We can also collect keys for the service at this point. We will email you a link to our portal where we ask you to fill in all the details about yourself, your home, your pet and vet.


Do you pick up and drop off my dog?

 Yes, we will pick up and drop off your dog at home or whichever location we have agreed. The agreed walk time, be it 30 minutes or an hour which starts from when we reach the start of the walk and not from your home.


How many dogs can be walked at one time?

A maximum of 4 dogs will be grouped together. We strongly believe in limiting the number to 4 to ensure that the dogs are not overwhelmed or get over excited. However, if we have more challenging dogs the group may be smaller.

The only time we go over the 4 limit is in an emergency, when one of the team is taken sick or perhaps their car breaks down. We know that we are relied upon and don’t like letting people down. We are insured for up to 6 dogs but as I said we try to avoid this.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured by Pet Business Insurance.


Will I be charged if I cancel a walk at short notice?

We ask that you give us 24 hours notice when cancelling a service and you will not be charged. If we are given less than 24 hours notice you will be charged for the service.


Do you walk all breeds?

Yes, we walk all breeds. Of course, we wouldn’t walk a dog which is an illegal breed.


Are you able to walk my dog twice a day?

Yes, we can offer walks twice a day. We can either provide 30 minute or 60 minute walks. Our 30 minute walks are at 11am or 2pm. The 60 minute walks are at 9:30am, 12 noon and 3pm.

30 or 60 minutes is the duration of the walk. The time it takes to transport the dogs does not interfere with the time the dogs are on their walk.


Do you towel down the dogs and give them fresh water and food after a walk?

Absolutely, with our British climate it can get quite muddy in the woods and parks. We ensure each dog is safely returned home, towel dried, given fresh water and food and are settled down before saying goodbye.


How long are the visits when you come to look after my cat?

We visit the cats for 30 minutes. It’s important to have adequate time to socialise with the cats as well as looking after their needs. Even if your cat is not present, we will stay for 20 minutes in the hope that they appear within that time.

As you know, cats quite often like to wander. In the instance we haven’t seen your cat for more that 48 hrs, we will set the cat flap to IN ONLY so that they will be there on our next visit and check that they are ok and then of course open the cat flap again.


What happens if I don't leave enough food?

Don’t worry, we will buy the same food that your pet normally eats and add it to your bill plus a small service charge.


When do I pay?

We send you an invoice either weekly or monthly. This will be agreed in our initial meeting.


Do you take photos or videos?

With your permission yes. We post these on our Facebook page, Instagram and gallery section of the website for you to have a look at what fun your pet has been up to.


Would it be possible for someone to water my plants whilst I'm away?

Within reason, we are happy to do this.


My dog is really anxious, what can I do?

This is of course a worry for you. One of our qualified behaviour consultants can visit you at home so we can get to know you and your dog to understand the underlying course and recommend the steps to help your dog.


How do I train my puppy to pee on the pee mat?

We offer a new puppy consultancy service that would help you with this. In fact, there is a lot to consider when getting a puppy. Send us a message, and we can help you successfully transition this new family member into your home.


I want to get a rescue dog. Do you have any tips for settling them into our family?

What a lovely thing to do! Absolutely, yes! We can give you advice before you bring the dog home as well as after to help ensure a smooth introduction and longer term integration into the family.


How do I stop my cat from scratching the sofa?

 It is a natural behaviour for a cat to scratch so getting scratching posts and then really praise them when they are using the posts.


My dog humps every leg in sight. How do I stop this? It's so embarrassing.

We completely understand. We can offer a home consultation where a qualified behaviour consultant will assess and identify the problem. We can then give you practical advice, support and a program of intervention.


What areas do you cover?

We offer dog walking, pet sitting and pet care services in two locations:
Kent area: Chislehurst, Petts Wood, Sidcup, Kent and South East London.


Where are our keys kept?

Your keys are kept in a safe overnight and then given to the team member carrying out the service that day. The keys are checked back in in the evening.

We don’t attach any identification to the keys, just a simple tag with the pet’s name. A lot of our ‘Holiday House Sitting’ clients like us to hold onto the keys even once the visiting period is over, so that we have them for next time. If you would prefer them returned, we can also do that.


How long will my dog be out of the house?

This can vary depending on where the other dogs on the walk live in relation to you and what order the dogs are picked up. Dogs on 1 hour walks can be out of the house from 1hour 10mins up to 2 hours for example. The duration of the actual walk is either 1 hour or 30 minutes, and not the time out of the house.


Will it be the same person walking our dog and when visiting our pet?

We like to allocate at least 2 team members to a pet so that the dogs get to know both members of staff and feel comfortable with them. This avoids a sudden change when a member of staff is sick or on holiday.

We try, where possible, for you to meet both members of staff, should you wish. This can sometimes be logistically tricky as most clients are only available in the evenings and understandably our team members may have evening plans and commitments after work. But we do our best.


Where do you walk the dogs?

We walk the dogs in country areas and woods. Dogs are taken to different locations because variety is important for mental stimulation.

Our local woods around Chislehurst are Petts Woods, Sparrows, Elmstead, hawkwood. We also go to Jubilee Park, Five Arches, Eltham South Park, Avery Hill Park. Hawkwood and Five Arches have lovely streams which are great for the dogs in the summer and the woods great for shade. In winter we try to avoid the mud the best we can.

In Stroud, the dogs enjoy Selsley Common, Rodborough Common, Randwick Woods, Doverow Meadows and the unlimited footpaths across fields we are lucky to have around Gloucestershire.


Do you offer solo dog walks?

We offer both ‘Dog Walking’ and ‘Enrichment Walks’ for just one dog.


Will you let my dog off the lead?

We are only allowed to let your dog off the lead with your permission otherwise we wouldn’t be covered by our insurance. If you would prefer your dog kept on lead, we would recommend a harness rather than a collar as the constant tension isn’t good for their necks..


Are you trained in first aid?

Yes, all our team are trained in animal first aid.


Do you offer walks at the weekends?

Yes, we offer walks at the weekend, Bank Holidays and normal weekdays according to your needs and our availability.


Is there an extra charge for Bank Holidays?

Yes, we there is an extra charge for services carried out on a Bank Holiday.


What do you do when you come to look after my cat?

We talk, groom and play with the cats. Some cats hide and prefer not to be touched so we make sure we find them, say hello and give them their space. We talk out loud so they can hear us whilst we clean the litter tray, replenish fresh food and water. We also administer any medication that is needed. If you are not due home until after dark we will close the curtains and turn the lights on. We will call out and say goodbye to the cats when we leave.


Can I have home visits every other day?

Absolutely. You may have a friend that is available to look after your pets on particular days so you can request a visit from us as and when you need. It is imperative that the pet is visited everyday by someone.


What happens if my pet becomes ill when I'm at work or on holiday?

We will contact you immediately and agree how to proceed. Should the situation require medical help, with your permission, we will take the pet to the vet. Any medical intervention required will only be given with your authorisation. If we can’t get hold of you the vet will take the decision on how to care for your pet. In the first meeting we will ask you to sign a veterinary authorisation form.


Is it ok to feed my other pets, as well as my cat, whilst we are away?

Of course, we can look after all your pets whilst you are away.


Would it be possible to buy some basic groceries for when we return from our holiday?

Yes, we can buy your grocery basics. The cost will be added to your bill with a small service charge. 


My dogs hates going to the kennels. I feel bad but I have to go abroad. Can you look after my two weeks?

Ask us about ‘Holiday House Sitting’ where one of our team stays at your home and will look after your dogs whilst you are away.


How do I teach my dog to walk to heal and come back when I call?

We can help you with this and ensure that this training is more fun and less stressful for you. With the correct technique the dog will learn quickly. Give us a call or an email and we can arrange to provide some training. We will show you how we are training your dog so that you can achieve the same results with your 4 legged partner.

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