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Dog Training & Enrichment Walk

  • Training and games for best mental and physical exercise
  • Choice of 30 minutes or 1 hour
  • One to one sessions by a qualified trainer
  • Specifically working on new skills or behaviours

Enrichment walks

All dogs need mental stimulation, some breeds more than others. Enrichment Walks are an ideal solution for dogs who have a lot of energy.  The dog has lots of fun playing mentally fulfilling games whilst going on a healthy walk in the woods. The dog enjoys learning a new skill like ‘scent work’ or ‘tracking’ or perhaps a trick. Alternatively, you may want us to work on something specific like your dog ‘walking to heel’, ‘coming when called’ or ‘to wait’. When your dog has accomplished the new skill, we will show you how your dog has attained the skill and how it was taught so that you can enjoy the new ability together ensuring it becomes a learnt behaviour.

Enrichment walks are fantastic mental and physical exercise and the dogs love it (we do too!!). You may want your dog to have regular enrichment walks or perhaps occasionally.

We transport your dog to and from their walk in our cars complete with guards and harnesses in accordance with rule 57 of the Highway Code. Upon returning home, dogs are cleaned and dried off. We ensure your dog has fresh water and settle them back into home with a cuddle and a treat. With your permission, In the winter months, we turn the lights on and close the curtains so that the dogs are not in the dark.

Chislehurst, London

Enrichment walks

£21 for 60 mins / £15 for 30 mins.

Polly’s Pet Care Services – Dog walking, pet sitting, pet care services for:

Chislehurst, Petts Wood, Sidcup, Kent and South East London.

Polly has walked my dog Hendrix since he was a puppy and without her I would have a much naughtier dog on my hands! He needs a lot of exercise – far more than I can give him during the week and his ‘fun runs’ with Polly and her other dogs are just what he needs. Polly has consistently been not only polite and professional but flexible enough to adapt to any circumstance. I really don’t know what I would do without her.


Pet: Hendrix, Haungarian Vizlua

Polly has been tending to our horses needs since July 2009. She is very reliable and conciensious. She has always been very helpful in times of need, especially when one of the horses manages to get tangled in fencing or cast! Polly has even managed to still get to the yard through blizzards and ice! I highly recommend her to anyone.


Livery Yard

Polly started caring for my two cats at the beginning of last year when she was recommended to me by my local vet. Polly made a home visit prior to her first "holiday duty" and I was impressed by her professionalism and her obvious enthusiasm about working with animals. I have found her to be entirely trustworthy and I am more than happy to leave the house and cats in her care. She has a lovely personality and I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone who finds themselves in need of a temporary carer for their pets.


Polly’s Pet Care Services – About us

Polly’s Pet Care Services provides professional dog walking; pet sitting and pet care services, which cater for all your beloved pet’s needs. Established in 2008, Polly’s Pet Care now has a wide customer base, and many happy customers (both human and furry!). We have a dedicated team of trained animal carers who are 100% committed to the care and well being of your animals.

Whether you’re looking for a regular dog-walker, a pet-sitter while you’re away on holiday, or even a pet taxi to take your animal to the vets whilst you’re at work – Polly’s Pet Care provides a reliable service that will set your mind at ease.

All members of Polly’s Pet Care team are reference-checked and trained. They are all reliable and flexible, and will take time to work out a care plan that works best for you and your pet’s needs.

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