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Polly’s Pet Care Services

Whether you’re looking for a regular dog-walker, a pet-sitter while you’re away on holiday, or even a pet taxi to take your animal to the vets whilst you’re at work – Polly’s Pet Care provides a reliable service that will set your mind at ease.

Polly’s Pet Care Services provides professional dog walking; pet sitting and pet care services, which cater for all your beloved pet’s needs. Established in 2008, Polly’s Pet Care now has a wide customer base, and many happy customers (both human and furry!).

Polly's Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

  • We offer walks of 30 minutes or 1 hour
  • One to one or group walks
  • Flexible hours to fit around your routine – Will take your dog to a safe, fun place to explore and exercise
  • Will return your dog home, give them fresh water and a towel-down if required.

Daytime Dog Sitting

  • Visiting your dog at home
  • Ideal for older or injured dogs
  • Dogs recovering from illness
  • Care and company
  • Visits and walk care plan
  • 30 minutes or one hour

Puppy Care

  • Advice prior to getting a new dog
  • Smooth transition into your home
  • House training and behaviour
  • Play and cuddles
  • 30 minutes or 1 hour home visits

Pet Sitting

  • For all types of pets
  • Out for the day or a few weeks
  • Remove the stress of boarding facilities
  • Added security for your home
  • 30 minute visits

Pet Taxi

  • Vet visits
  • Grooming appointments
  • Compliant with RSPCA regulations
  • Settle your pet on return home

Holiday House Sitting

  • Live in pet care
  • Care for all your pets
  • Maintain your pets routine
  • Remove the stress of boarding facilities
  • Added security for your home

Canine Behaviour and Dog Training

  • Initial 2 hour consultation
  • Qualified behavioural trainer
  • Tackle specific behavioural issues
  • One to One support for with you and your dog
  • Help your dog become a happier individual

Dog Training & Enrichment Walk

  • Training and games for best mental and physical exercise
  • Choice of 30 minutes or 1 hour
  • One to one sessions by a qualified trainer
  • Specifically working on new skills or behaviours

Price Guide

Dog walking

£14 per hr /
£10 1/2hr

Pet Sitting – all animals welcome!

£10 for 30 mins

Puppy & New Dog Care 

£14 per hr /
£10 1/2hr

Dog Training & Enrichment Walk 

Enrichment walks

£20 per hr

Dog training

£30 per hr

Canine Behaviour & Training

Initial Consult

£80 for 2hrs

Follow up Consultations

£30 (per hour thereafter.)

Daytime Dog Sitting

£14 per hr /
£10 1/2hr

Holiday House Sitting

If you are going away overnight, one of our pet sitters can stay in your home, maintain your pet’s routine and care for them in the environment they are happy in

Canine Aqua and Hydrotherapy

Polly was fortunate enough to gain her qualifications from one of the country’s leading veterinary physiotherapist’s Barbara Houlding.
Our Pet Service

How It Works

Polly's Pet Care is a dog walking and pet sitting business which has been successfully fulfilling clients needs for nearly 9 years

Step 1

Get in touch and tell us what you need.

Step 2

We will call you to fully understand your requirements and the needs of your pet. We will suggest how we can help; be it a one off appointment or regular sessions.

Step 3

We send you an invitation to our secure online booking system where we ask you to complete a form to provide details about yourself, your house and your pets.

Step 4

4. We meet you and your pet to get to know each other and agree what service suits you best. We require you to complete and sign a service agreement form for insurance purposes and a veterinary release form giving us authority to take your pet to the vet should treatment be required whilst in our care.

Step 5

You book the service required online and we will look after your pet as requested. We keep continual personal contact with you via phone or messaging (whichever you prefer) so that you know how your pet is in our care and you can tell us when they are feeling under the weather or are going through any changes. Our objective is to always to have happy, healthy pets and to look after their individual needs.
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